Okay, for those of you interested in 'speed tying', here's a quiz and see if you can guess the number of flies tyed by the winner. Oh, this is based on an actual tying contest and the results. I'll post the answer sometime Sunday.
Situation & criteria:
Done during a large tying show, indoors, well lit and with people milling around. There are 12 tyers stationed around 3, 8' picnic tables that are end-to-end. 1 hour is on the clock. You use your own tools. These materials are supplied to you immediately prior to the beginning of tying: Olive 6/0 thread (you use your own bobbin, or none), a box(100) of size 12 Mustad 3399 hooks, peacock herl, and a dun hen neck. You are tying a soft hackle with this as the recipe:
tail - none
abdomen - thread
thorax - herl
hackle - wound dun
All the tyers are allowed to thread their bobbins and then are given a sample fly. In 10 seconds the clock begins and the hour of tying begins.Flies need to be tyed so that they are considered 'saleable' by the judges. How many flies do you think the winner tyed? How many do you think you would have been able to tye?