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    Default T-Bum's Common Cents Data Base

    At the top is a worded description of the Common Cents measurement of rod stiffness for making rod comparisons. Following below are Chris's measurements for how many pennys it takes to bend each rod model 1/3rd of its length, indicating the relative stiffness and the manufacturer's classification of the rod as being a Seiryu, Tenkara or Keiryu rod for 82 different fixed line rods so far. Here is the link:

    Comparing the penny rating between two different rods will tell you how stiff they are in comparison to one another, and the action index, whether the rods are rated 5:5, 6:4, 7:3 or 8:2 respectively, will give a good indication of whether two different rods are slow 5:5, medium 6:4, or fast action 7:3 & 8:2 rods, and where they are bending along their length. This is not everything you might like to know but it gives enough information to tell you if it is a rod you would want to consider buying or want to cast in the first place. Of course it helps greatly if you already own and fish one of the rods listed in the Data to compare a rod to you are thinking of buying.
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