Okay, I just pulled out a 3 piece blank set that I got a few years ago but had not built. At the time my friend and I had ordered several blanks in 1 shipment and I made the mistake of mixing up the butt section with one of the other blanks. The blank I ended up with has some 'play' in the connection between the butt and the mid sections. Just to clarify, the top 2 pieces are for a 4 weight and the butt is for a 5 weight. Anyway, I've decided to finally build the rod and have a few questions that perhaps some of you experienced builders can answer:
1) Will using a 5 weight butt section severely effect the action of the rod?
2) The butt section is tight to the mid section IF the male connection of the butt is pushed further into the mid section. What about cutting down the butt about an inch. Is this worth doing? Or,
3) Should I just build a 2 piece with the remaining mid and top sections? This will result in a cute little 5 foot 3 or 4 inch rod. If so, will it still be a 4 weight or something less?

Thanks for any information.