Hey all.

I'm "new" to the BB as "paflytier", but have been on in years past as "schuured". Unfortunately, for the past several years my "have-tos" have trumped my "want-tos" to a large degree.

Any way, I'm going to be in Jackson, WY for a conference from the evening of July 31 through August 4th this summer and fully expect to steal away some time for fishing. My meetings will be from 8-12 each morning and I'll have the afternoons free. My wife is coming as well, but she has granted me permission to fish on one or two afternoons. So, I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Is there anybody out there that lives (or will be vacationing) in that area at that time who would be interested in joining me?

2. Is it worth hiring a guide for 1/2 day out there? There is so much water, I'm sure I could find a spot to wet a line. I just don't know if I'd be wasting my time without a guide.

3. There are plenty of other posts on this BB about guide recommendations, so I don't think I'd need a recommendation, but would be open to any that you have found to be worthy of exceptional commendation.

4. There are still nearly five months before this trip. I expect I'll be doing a good bit of tying between now and then. Any recommendations for what to tie for Jackson in August? I'm imagining terrestrials for sure, but don't know about other bugs.

I think that's it for now. It's nice to be back on the BB after a long absence. This is still the premier spot for great FF conversation.