And maybe some other states with good party stores...

Today in the Zurchers party store I bought a good substitute for flashabou. Same thin strands, in green, yellow, red, orange, blue, purple, brown (root beer), black, and pearl. I bought the green (more of an chartreuse) and pearl. Doesn't come in nice hanks like the flashabou does, but for $1.33 for more than I will use in the next five years, it is worth it. I will straighten the wad, or use the strands as they come out of the package.

They were on the wrapping paper/gift bag aisle, shelved by color.

Now...if I could just get some cheap form of Krystal Flash like that.

Anybody else seen NEW substitutes this year? I know about wigs, doll hair, marabou, foamies sheets ( wayyy cheaper than fly shops) , punch yarn (Aunt Lydia's). Looking to see if y'all have found anything different and especially on the cheaps.