Now that is an Orange Partridge! You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen called Partridge and Orange. One included a long shank curved hook, orange seal's fur body and stripped peacock rib.

Lovely example Han's, we use slightly different techniques but that is the end result I aspire to.

Its strange that as much as I have fished it I've only ever caught grayling on it. The very similar Winter Brown, same fly with a head of peacock herl, has never produced a fish for me.

In the video it doesn't show you waxing the thread. Do you? It was done to stop the silk thread rotting, which it will do very quickly if put away damp.

Some years ago there was much debate over the correct silk. Mostly between Pearsall's 6a and 6b. (I've never found any difference in performance between the two colours). My point isn't to engage in that debate just to relate a tale. Rummaging in an old fishing tackle shop I came across 3 spools of 6b, not made since the 1970s. Some time later I showed one to Oliver Edwards, The desire, even lust, in his eyes was something to behold. As I am myself of the true faith (Lancastrian) I should have prolonged his suffering as long as possible, but I must have a soft streak in me as I eventually traded him a spool. Somewhere I think I still have the last of those spools I wonder if it has achieved Chadwick's 477 prices yet? Now where did I put Olivers number? Its always a victory to prise open a Yorkshireman's wallet.