Don't be surprised to see a few more folks on the water this summer. Apparently a recent episode of The Bachelor, a tv series dedicated to those with limited brain-pan capacity (but unlimited capacity for vapid conversation), was recorded in/around Whitefish, Glacier NP, and curiously, Browning - I was told they actually were up in the foothills (a segment in town would have been much more interesting). I've spoken to a number of people in the past few weeks who have expressed interest in visiting that little slice of heaven since seeing the show.
There was a bit of fly fishing, if you call a number of very attractive women futilely flogging the water fishing (not complaining but it certainly wasn't the Walker Cay Chronicles in terms of angling content). I would imagine the number of float trips on the Flathead and it's forks will be up, which is good news for the locals; somehow, though, I don't see the audience this is geared towards riding float tubes over on the Blackfeet Res.