I have not given up on you and you remain in my prayers. Fight it with everything you can. Keep finding things that make you laugh out loud or give you great incentive to keep on going every single day. I have seen so many people win this fight! It can be done!

Conversely, based on my own experience, help your family by doing some planning now. When my Dad died after years of fighting cancer I was very disappointed to find that he had left no guidance or instructions and that made for some very difficult decisions for me at a time when that was a real burden.

I highly recommend this software. It not only helps you prepare a will, it contains a lot of forms that will help your family make decisions in accordance with your wishes. I used it last month to update things for my family. They will not be faced with the issues I had when my Dad died.

If my prayers come true it will be many years until your family needs such help!