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how different is a woolly worm from a woolly bugger? i always tie my woolly worms with a red yarn tail. is a woolly worm without a tail a griffith's gnat?
the origin of the name Woolly WORM might be lost in the past. Most folks agree that the Bugger was first credited to Russell Blessing, a fisherman from here in the Harrisburg area, as a suggestion of a Helgrammite (very common in the Susquehanna basin). The Worm was around for a long time before the Bugger, and it's the accepted convention to have a short red yarn tail on a Woolly Worm.

And no, a Woolly Worm without a tail is not a Griffith's Gnat, but a Griffith's Gnat IS a small Woolly Worm without a tail!

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