I will be at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo very early on Sunday..
I do not want to miss a single second of the 10 AM Writers Workshop?

I am starting to feel a whole lot better after suffering from a sever case of phenomena for the past 3 weeks, while handling the annual ?Beginner?s Only Fly Swaps?.

My Sony Mavica 10x (telephoto - myopic ?up close?) had a floppy stuck in the camera and needed to take it in to a camera repair store to safely remove the floppy from the camera?

This years Beginner?s Only Fly Swap with 9 members?two more swaps (streamers then terrestrials) and I will be releasing these newly intermediate fly tier?s to the Swapmeister on the FAOL Fly Swap Board?.many of these FAOL Swapmeister have been members of previous ?Beginner?s Only Swaps?!