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    Default Lil' Hollywood Hopper (modified) SBS

    Juan Ramirez' neat little hopper with a few slight changes; I skipped the foam wing (if 3 layers can't keep the fly on top, I'm doing something seriously wrong), used a Dai Riki 280 instead of an Umpqua 550BL because I have some DR's and wasn't interested in hooks that go $9 for 25 (a scud hook like a DR 135 would probably work okay, too, if it looks like the gap's getting crowded) and made my own rear legs. Better than any other hopper out there? maybe yes but probably not, and not something I'd use for snooty, "educated" trout (that's what Henry's Fork, Letort, A.K. and other more "realistic", organic hoppers are for). Simple to tie, and with 3 layers of foam a high floater? you bet; the body construction makes it easy to get a chunky, tapered, segmented body that looks pretty cool. Mix the colors up as you see fit.

    hook - Dai Riki 280 #12
    thread - UTC 140 tan
    body - 2mm foam (sandwiched)
    wing - landscape fabric
    kicker legs - 2mm foam/round rubber
    front legs - rubber medium cornsnake
    indicator - 2mm foam

    Part 1

    Super Glue a strip of 2mm foam (hook gap width) to another that's twice as long

    apply a little more glue and fold over to create sandwich

    trim to length (I like it to extend a bit over the front and about a hook gap width in the rear), taper rear; trim top and bottom at rear, too (forgot to show that)

    mash barb and lay on a good thread base so the foam has something to grip; return thread to point one hook eye width back from eye

    slit the foam along the bottom (hook shank length) - make it shallow, just cut through the first layer; apply a bit of Super Glue and lay foam body on hook

    a couple firm wraps to create first segment/head

    cross thread over at top and create second segment


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