Just visited Chris Stewart's awesome website and saw a post there of the new Kiyotaki 27 which is offered in liew (did I spell that right :/ ) of the awesome Soyokaze 27 which I own and love. In his introduction of the new offering he speaks of certain "tenkara cult member" that tweeted "Spin it however you want but there's a big difference between a fixed line bait rod and a tenkara rod. Shame on you for muddying the water."

I just about busted out loud because he spoke my mind in my view of some of these freakishly cultish tenkara folks that take themselves to seriously. GD! Chris you made my day! Thank you for calling them out for what they appear to be to us more "normal" fisherman. (normal being relative and all)

Chris I have a Sagiri I got from my wife for Christmas thanks to you and have yet to fish it. I can not wait to take it out and do some tenkara fishing with it.

Chris you shame those that continue to spout the zombie marketing brainwashing of TenkaraUSA and I am proud of you for standing up to Daniel's ruse.

Thank you for introducing me to tenkara fishing and I might add with rods that are superior to TenkaraUSA.

Damn I wish the weather would warm up. Cheers