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Thread: Border Patrol's not stopping these migrants

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    Default Border Patrol's not stopping these migrants

    Had over 100 Swainson hawks come in for the evening roost (we're a major stop on their migration route from South America to their breeding grounds in the US and Canada). Sorry for the crummy pics but I couldn't get any closer without flushing them from the trees (which I did; luckily, they came back) and our P&S doesn't have the best optics. Right around dark a pair of Great Horned owls which have been living in these trees started hooting and most of the hawks bolted and headed off to another part of the community we're staying at. The migration's really just starting to pick up steam and should peak over the next 3 weeks so, hopefully I'll get some better pics. Pretty cool birds, when not breeding, their diet consists mainly of insects ; beautiful plumage.

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