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Silver, I just went to the Tiemco site. There are a few hooks with the designation TMC 100. One is a barbless, one says extra heavy and the description of the one for dry flies I copied below. The Tiemco description says "heavy wire", but further down it says "xf". Something is wrong! Additionally, the hook photographed looks different then the one you list in that the wire in your photo looks heavier and the shank looks longer. Yes? No?


TMC 100 / TMC 101(same hook but a straight eye)

An up-turned, tapered-loop eye design that has become the standard model for salmon and steelhead wet flies. It uses heavy wire for added strength. Black only.
Attachment 11739 TMC 100

Dry FlyD/E, 1XF, Wide gape, Forged, Bronze
I think the TMC that you showed above is the one I have. It really does not have a truly "round" bend like the Partridge Captain Hamilton YL3A below.