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    Buying a RIO PowerFlex Shooting Line is about a 40.00 dollar investment and would seem too pricy just to make up a Wind Line with as described in the link above. However, the RIO PowerFlex Shooting line can also be used to make up 10 and 12 or 13 foot long or so Floating Tenkara fly lines with, by nail knotting on about 2 feet of Red 15 Lb. Amnesia and tying a foot or so long piece of 10 Lb. test HiVis Nylon Mono to the tippet end of the line. Since this is a Mono-Core line, the PVC coating could be stripped off of the rod end of the line and you could use what ever knot you like (or a girth hitch) for the line to lillian juncture. The 0.24 Dia. RIO Floating PowerFlex Line is 20Lb. test, and comes in a pale Orange color only. Here is a link to a source for RIO's PowerFlex Shooting Line:
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