If all goes well this summer, I plan to spend some time in my NuCanoe Frontier 12 fly fishing for smallmouth bass. I have caught some on my fly rod while trout fishing and now want to explore areas on the river where the water is too warm for trout but perfect for smallmouth.

What I need to know is, for those who actually fish for smallmouth with a fly rod, what weight rod do you use and what kind of leader system do you use. I need to know the leader lengths you are using. Leader material you are using. Do you use tippet and if so, what length and pound test.

I am thinking that straight 8 pound test material for leader and tippet, but, do not know. Do you use floating fly line or sinking?

I know there will be many different set-ups and I would like to hear them all and I will be able to decide which will work for the river here.

Thanks in advance....