I was watching a(n) (Orvis-sponsored?) video about Smallmouth Bass flies. The crayfish pattern they showed caught my eye (the orange & brown on the right in the screen capture below):

On the same webpage was a link to each of the flies shown, and the links led back to products on the Orvis website. The crayfish link was to a May's Clearwater Crayfish:

The two don't look identical, but similar.
I attempted to duplicate (with some substitutions...like one with brown Furry Foam carapace and one with Turkey carapace), and came up with something that looks even less similar:

I kind of like what I came up with...but I'd still like to get something to look like what I saw in the video...and I'm certain some of you can probably duplicate the pattern better than I was able to. Can you give it a shot and tell me how you did it?