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Thread: Is Fly Fishing on a Serious Decline?

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    Default Is Fly Fishing on a Serious Decline?

    Hi All,

    The post about fly tying shows being less attended has stirred up my thinking.

    The bulletin boards seem like they have less traffic than they did a few years ago. Folks who regularly go to different boards seem to all report that traffic is down in all of them. When I fly fish in the mountains, (a very rare event for me), I see few fly fishemen, even on streams that are good fisheries and should get good fishing pressure. The truth is I see fewer fishermen off all types I think.

    In fly fishing warm water lakes and public ponds, I have only seen one fly fisherman in all the years I have fly fished.

    Even when fly fishing for winter stocked trout here in Texas I have never seen another fly fisherman. I spoke to one of the rangers out at the lake, and he had never seen anyone fish with a fly rod at our local lake, other than myself and a guy I am teaching.

    In Lubboch, one of the major cities in the Texas panhandle, only one shop in town has any fly tying stuff. There were two places which stocked fly tying stuff in Amarillo, now there are none. I am not sure there ever was enough traffic to support tying stuff, but there obviously is not enough now.

    The bottom line is, "Is fly fishing on the decline?" Is it mostly something for middle age to older guy, and was it alwasy such? Is what I see mostly about the slow economy, and that folks have less money for things like fly fishing and it will return when the economy gets better. Or, is fly fishing something who's popularity ebbs and flows. Or, are younger folks less enchanted with all types of outdoor activities now that they grew up playing in video games?

    I do think that fly fishing was always a small part of fishing in general, even when it was at it's maximum popularity? I think I saw more fly fishermen back in the mid '90s after the movie "A River Runs Through It." Was the mid 90s an oddity when, due to the movie, there were a lot more folks trying to learn fly fishing?

    Maybe now it is back to it's historical level. I don't know any of the answers. Maybe I am completely mistaken on this, and I hope I am.

    Don't know. What do you all think?

    Thanks and regards,

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