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    Default Just one of those builds!!

    Just one of those builds!:bang:
    This build has given me fits. The first time, I messed up when I placed the rod to dry after the thread finish was applied. I placed it near an overhead heating vent, and since I had not changed the furnace filter, when the furnace came on it spewed some lint into the air. And, as you can guess, this resulted in lint embedded in the finish. So I had to remove the guides and start over. On removing the guides, I had to also remove the color coat on the blank down to the graphite base. I did leave the coat on the male ferrules so that they would fit properly. Then this rod sat in the corner for quite some time.
    Finally decided to finish this rod last week. Got the guides, etc. out and proceeded to wrap. I did not want the wraps or wrapping to overpower Mike Popick's beautiful grip and reel seat, so I kept this simple. After several coats of color preserver, I applied the finish and set it on the turner to dry. Upon drying, I noticed some dark areas in the wraps. (fourth picture) I had messed up and missed putting CP in some of the guide and hook keeper tunnels.
    As far as I'm concerned, this rod is finished.
    There is nothing wrong with the rod outside of the cosmetics.

    Rod particulars:
    Blank: Baston IM6 8'6" 5 weight 3 piece
    Grip and reel seat: Mike Popick's birch bark grip with spalted maple reel seat and accents and with titanium hardware. Grip coated with 4 coats of Tru-Oil
    Guides: Black snake
    Main wraps: Coats & Clark Barberry Red (2820) Rayon 40 weight - 2 bragging wraps at 15 and 20 inches.
    Trim: Size A Metallic Gold

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