Ever wonder which 'theory' of why trout take a fly is correct?

Have you read LaFontaine, Borger, all them guys who 'study' this or have studied this? All of them had lots of data and opinions on things like wing height, imitation -v- attraction, etc. ad noseum.

All of them sound very reasonable.

But, if you look at the only data that is really accurate, you learn that it just doens't matter.

Do the folks that believe that it's size, rather than color or shape, that triggers a trout actually catch fish while thinking that? Yes, they do.

Do the folks that believe in attraction versus imitaion, and vice versa, catch fish with their efforts? Yes, they do.

Do guys catch fish on carefully tied almost picture perfect 'realistic' flies? Yes, they do.

Do other anglers catch fish on flies that just 'suggest' something to the fish. Yes, they do.

Do the well educated guys who know the scientific names of the insects catch fish? Yes, they do.

Do those who could't tell a Flavius from a flatiron catch fish? Yes, they do.

Do the fellows who arrive at the stream, use a small net to catch some insecrts, then select a fly that matches those bugs catch fish? Yes, they do.

Do the guys who show up at streamside, looks in their fly box, pick a pretty one and fling it out there catch fish? Yes, they do.

Now, since EVERY approach, technique, or even fly out there does in fact result in the catching of trout, does it really matter which one you ascribe to? Based on the data available, no, it does not.

Is one of these methods 'more productive' than any other method? No way to determine that with available data. In fact, there is no way to EVER determine that given the variables. It will always fall into the realm of opinion, or 'theory' if you wish to put some kind of scientific spin on it.

If what you do is what you like to do, and you are satisfied with the results, then it truly does not matter what it is you chose to do.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your efforts, there are unlimited oportunities for you to expand what you do until you are satisfied.

You can change, learn, evolve in this sport as much or as little as you wish.

There is no right or wrong.

You can follow the teachings of whomever you want, strike out on your own, or just enjoy where you are.

And, whatever you choose to do, it just doesn't matter. Except to you.