A few years ago, Sportsman's Warehouse went out of business, at least up here in the northwest. I know they kept some of their stores farther east and south of the northwest. A Canadian firm, Warehouse Sports bought out many of the Sportsman's Warehouse stores and then they expanded into other cities up here.

Now Warehouse Sports of closing thier doors. Some of their stores are being bought back by Sportsman's Warehouse and others will just palin shut down. I just found out about this at a club meeting Tuesday night. They are having major sales of items with the Warehouse Sports logos on them.

So, I went to a local store today. I was able to buy $909 worth of fly fishing 'stuff' for $227. That is a 75% reduction in price. I will be using these items as raffle prizes and silent auction items at the various groups I belong to that are fly fishing related.

Sorry to see another business going under. A sign of the times.

Larry ---sagefisher---