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Originally Posted by RoyceThis story makes me a little sad. Flyfishing is already looked upon by a lot of non-flyfishers as an expensive, fussy and elitest sport. It's sad when fly fishers perpetuate those myths.

exactly the reason I will keep a fish here and there when surrounded by those fools. I love to eat trout, but usually C&R....unless I am on a stream surrounded by elitists. Last time, it was Hat Creek, in CA, where one can legally keep two fish over 18". I was getting the stink-eye from the Orvis Crowd, because I was not one of them (I think my little red and white bobber bothered them). I caught a 17 incher and let him go. then a 20 incher...walked to the edge of the stream, found a rock, bopped him on the head, dragged out my stringer, hooked him up, and went back in to nymph...with my little red and white bobber.

and the fish was delicious...first trout I had eaten in 6 months.