After being a card carrying member of a local fly fishing club for 5 years I have decided to call it quits. I almost quit last year but the wife talked me into paying my dues one more year and just go on fishing excursions with them.
My gripes are this.

1. After being a member for 5 years there were 2 men who know me by my first name (sort of) and one who ever invited me to fish with him (one time three years ago.)

2.When at the meetings the pres would ask if anyone had any fishing reports I would sometimes stand to be recognised and be ignored for the more prestigious members reports. When finally recognised I would start my report only to be cut short to go on to the next business.

3. Prior to meeting I always showed up early to help set up. I would shake hands with folks and try to talk to them and be ignored. A few of them would talk to me but I always had to make the approach. I can't remember one time I was approached by another member. Same thing during a break to prepare for speaker, set up video or whatever. It was like I was a non-person.

4. I have approached other members by email to thank them for their presentations or other participation at the meetings and never receive a response back.

5. I have taken photos of New Zealand, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and other places I have visited and fished to share with the club only to have them ignored.

6. The only time I have been called on the phone by another member was when he was running for president and wanted my vote. He started the conversation by mispronouncing my name. I thought he was a telemarketer and hung up on him. He immediatly called back and introduced himself so I'd know who he was, then invited me to show up at the next meeting to vote for him.

7. The icing on the cake was the last meeting I went to, about 4 months ago was cancelled, no one at the facility and a note on the door saying it would be held the following week. I learned later all the important members (cronies of the pres and others) were notified by phone or email the meeting was cancelled. It is a 90 mile round trip for me to attend. I decided that night it wasn't worth my time or aggravation to re-up my membership.

I guess I'm not fly fishing club material because I don't write for Western Outdoors, Tye flies like the member with 2 Norvises, wear an Orvis sponsor patch or have enough money and time to go on week long excursions with the elitists to drift boat fish with highly regarded guides in pretigious and world reknowned waters. I'm a simple country boy who lives to fish. I am me. I don't need them as much as they don't need me.
There I said it. I will stick with FAOL.