At this point I do not plan to carry the Sansui pink line. I have had pink line in the past, and tenkara old timers may remember that I am the one who pushed Tenkara USA for months to even carry a level line - which was a pink line that looks exactly the same as the new Sansui line. Looks can be deceiving, and I suspect the line is not the same, as the pink line I had had was quite stiff and had quite a bit of memory. The new Sansui line is probably much softer and it will probably be easier to remove the memory by stretching.

All that said, I am not crazy about the pink color. What I found before is that the pink was extremely visible in daylight but became hard to see in dim light. In the evening I had to switch to a brighter mono - even accepting that the mono didn't cast as well. If the line is fluorescent pink that would be better than just bright pink but I have not yet seen a sample of the Sansui pink line. And even though I have caught a lot of fish using the pink line, I have also had situations where I am pretty sure it scared the fish. Fishing the same spot with the same fly with both lines, pink first and then chartreuse. Literally, the same fly - I switched the tippet and fly from one line to the other. No fish on the pink line and then two or three immediately after switching. This was a particular spot I fish frequently and and almost always catch fish. Certainly not a rigorous scientific test, but I have not had the same results when switching from orange to chartreuse or chartreuse to orange.