Okay, I'm an old timer and back when I did so much fly fishing before I got into trash fish like bass and walleye for years I tied a nail knot with 30#, then tapered down from there to tippet. I never used "x" tippets back then. 4# for streams, 8# for river mouth steelhead and coasters, 12# for bass bugs and pike. Now I've been convinced to use the furled leaders and a person on another board makes and sells them so I have some on most of my reels. Going from crystal clear and shallow streams, thru tailwaters, and into heavy fishing bass and salmon, how do you handle the tipper questions. So far I've either just tied about 4' of 8# for the bass lakes or 2' of 3x and 3' of 5x or lighter for the streams. Can you guys give me some insight on what you tie to the little ring in various situations?

I should add that most of my leaders are in the 70" range, with a few of 48". They are thread wound leaders and I'm going to experiment with a couple of his "strike indicator" leaders this year with about 20" of bright orange leadin to the ring. With my easy mend Orvis with the orange tip and the strike indicator leader maybe I can actually begin to hook more than 10% of the fish that yank on my line.