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Thread: 2013 beginner's only fly swaps have concluded....

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    Default 2013 beginner's only fly swaps have concluded....

    The 2013 Beginner's Only Fly Swap have concluded with the April Terrestrial Fly Swap.

    All flies have been sorted out and package for return to the 9 members who particiapated in the five swaps.
    • November Soft Hackle Swap
    • January Nymph Swap
    • February Dry Fly Swap
    • March Streamer Swap
    • April Terrestrial Swap
    These 9 members are now ready to participate in all the fly swaps on the FAOL Board!

    Javier Chavez, , Jeff Williams, Robert A. Olson, Mark Bonnell, Dale Hively, Charles Pool, Steve Collie, Gordon Couch, & Jeff Mohr...

    You swapmeisters should take the opportunity to welcome these Member of the 2013 Beginner's Only Fly Swap with open arms, into your fly swaps they no longer can be considers as Beginners!

    Some of you swapmeisters have been members of previous Beginner's Only Fly Swaps, which I have been hosting for since 2001 on FAOL.

    Positions for the 2014 Beginner's Only Fly Swap will open on October 1st 2013...


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