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Us freshwater flies also need to learn to strip set the hook rather than raising the rod tip as soon as we have a hit
Okay fellow Okie...Why? I see it on TV...I read it on boards...And I've read where a guy couldn't get into fish until he did this. Why is our freshwater "life the rod" or cross their eyes hook sets not productive? Even with spinners and bait casting with see them keeping rod low and reel and snapping to side on hooksets.

I am in no way arguing the technique as I've seen and read enough to know this is accepted as the way to go, but I just wonder why our fresh water techniques are not productive in getting and keeping a hook in saltwater fish. I know from years of bass fishing that when I started fly rodding again for trout I missed a whole lot of fish trying to set too hard and was pulling the small hook right out of their mouths but saltwater uses big hooks and flies so that shouldn't relate to tiny 18 and smaller flies for trout.