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Thread: Trout fisherman trying the salt

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    A full sink line would not be my first choice. I use one but only when there a need to cut through a heavy wind , like over 20 knots
    Most people fish intermediate lines when wading. I'm a floating line guy myself as I feel that you have better line control, but that's a minority opinion.
    Your reel doesn't need to be all that fancy either and I don't think that one of my saltwater reels has more than 150 yards of backing. There's almost no chance that you would ever need more, and if you ever did, it would be quite a story.
    You will need a hook file, not just a stone. Wire leader material for bluefish and some kind of corrosion resistant pliers for extracting hooks from said bluefish.
    Blue fish are mean. They will bite you on purpose and they have very sharp teeth.
    You can buy a stripping basket or make one as easily as attaching a bungee cord to a Rubbermaid wash tub. There's a lot about this on the web.
    Deceivers and Clousers are fine to start with.
    If you tie your own there's a lot of simple flies you could go with. The Brooks Blonde bucktail makes for a good sand eel when tied sparse and the Tabory snake fly makes for an easy topwater, wide profile fly.
    There's actually a number of good fly options right here in the archives of FAOL
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    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.
    --- Horace Kephart

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