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Thread: I have retired

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    Congratulations on your new chapter in your book of life. I wish you all the best and enjoyment that will come with it. Years ago I called on you for help with feathers for soft hackle flies. You suggested JV hens and with that I purchased 2. You mailed them out before I even sent the money and said let the feathers and the check pass in the mail. I knew right then and there that this is someone I want to deal with. Again, congratulations and all the best in your retirement.


    Glad to have you on board.
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    Denny, congratulations, hope you find lots of time to fish, and perhaps some warm places to fish in

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    Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy it! Tie some flies, build some rods, go fishing! (Hope you kept some great hackle!)

    Now that you no longer sell hackle, I am happy that I got to purchase some of your hackle, and it's neat to have Conranch Hackle in the container with the rest of my hackle, especially now that you have retired. It was really neat to talk with you and I much appreciated the advise and great service you gave when I bought the hackle.

    I want to thank you for a sacrifice you made for fly tiers. You could have sold all of your saddles to hair dressers when the craze for fashion fly tying feathers was on, and instead you chose to serve the fly tying and fly fishing community. I know that you could have made more money selling the feathers to those folks but you didn't. Thank you. Not everyone did that.

    Thanks and regards,


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    Congrats Denny!!!

    You more than deserve it!!!!!!!! Get out and have fun on the water!!!!!!!!!

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    The DVD went out Monday. He may get it today. You might check with him.

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    Lars, to you and yours, welcome to the FAOL Family. The changing of the guard, so to speak, will be a little strange for a while, but I'm sure that Denny has picked a worthy successor for Conranch. Thanks for coming on board and enjoy yourself here. Take care, John.

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