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Okay, I'm an old timer and back when I did so much fly fishing before I got into trash fish like bass and walleye..."

Your are kidding ...aren't you?
Yeah, I am...sort of. I've gone thru several moves and changes in my life and whatever I was fishing for at the time we'd kid about someone else's primary quarry. In early youth in IL I fished a lot of bullheads, catfish, 'gills, and caught suckers and carp along with them. Later on I got into bass and musky. Then in northern WI and MN I got heavy into trout in streams, and even had a charter boat license and chartered on Lake Superior for a few years, and my inland lake fishing was mostly walleye and some trout lakes.. When I moved to Minneapolis I got into bass fishing in a big way, then retired and moved to OK where it's bass and catfish again, with crappies in the mix like days of old. A yearning to get back to basics (expensive basics) has me into bamboo, and of course that takes you to trout fishing and a return to fly tying. In early years I was extremely proficient with a fly rod, now am trying to relearn the techniques, and it's not as easy to get it back as I thougth it would be.

So anyway, I respect ALL fish, from creek chubs to tarpon (tho I've never fished saltwater yet), and yes...I was kidding. I used to fish musky and northern a lot, and of course now that I don't have them available I refer to friends who fish them up north as those slimy critters with the nasty teeth. All in fun.

And John Scott, thanx for the great writeup. My friend I buy the leaders from does them with thread. Lighter for trout and trash fish, heavier for salmon, steelhead and larger trash fish.