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    Lately I have been going through a yearly ritual I do every year at this time: As the new fly fishing catalogs come in by snail mail, I pull and put the old ones into the recycling bin. So far I have received Cabela's, L.L.Bean's, The Fly Shop's, and just the other day the Feather-Craft 2013 Fly Fishing Bulletin Catalogs. Having no lack of fly rods in both Western and fixed line Tenkara styles, my primary interestes these days mostly relates to the fly tying materials sections of the catalogs. However, I do check out the tackle sections just to see if Tenkara fly fishing is moving into the mainstream. And low and behold in a black and white smaller format addition to the regular Feather-Craft Bulletin Catalog is single page section labled "SPECIAL FLY SISHING . FLY TYING ITEMS" under which Temple Fork Outfitters "Soft Hackle Tenkara" Rods are listed for sale, with a brief description of the Tenkara technique and the two different rod models stats and prices listed. Reference is also made to a Tenkara DVD being offeref for sale on page 41 - Tying Tenkara Flies: Volume One. Besides Orvis offering TUSA's 12 foot Iwana rod, lines and flies package, this is another main stream Tenkara fly fishing addition being made by a mainstream company and besides Blue Ribbon Flies, which Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia Company founder and Tenkara fly fishing promotor, has had an active role and association with promoting as well. I have not received my 2013 Catalog from blue Ribbon Flies yet this year. I just thought anglers here might be interested in this small Tenkara step being taken toward mainstream fly fishing Tenkara recognition and acceptance. The fact that Tenkara's US acceptance is slowly progressing at a steady pace is incouraging in my view. Fads, generally have a rapid rise, a leveling off period, and fall as fast or faster as they increase in popularity. While I don't think Tenkara fly fishing will ever replace Western fly fishing in America, I do believe it will earn a lasting place in our nation's fly fishing history as another of fly fishing's useful tools.
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