In the past I've done a matched pair of rods for a customer before and it always adds a bit of a challenge because you have to make sure they both match each other in wrap lengths trim spacing grip size etc etc etc. Well it gets even more "fun" when you add a third rod to the mix. These are three rods for a group of steelhead anglers that all wanted identical rods as each other.

They are spin "drift" rods but I used 10ft 8wt Batson Rainshadow fly blanks for them. Grips are all turned slightly undersize so they are more comfortable when winter fishing with gloves on. Guides are oversized XSV's to help prevent ice build up. Thread is Garnet no CP with metallic red trim. Also borrowed a page out of the float rod guys book and wrapped a matching size 8 guide as a tip top. Also used the new Kregan style hook keepers which holds any size hook from large bait hook to small fly hooks.