Since the thread is not locked...YET...I'll make some comments. I'm new to this board but have been on other boards for quite awhile. I've seen these kind of things play out until someone begins to make threats and others make accusations. It never goes well. In the past I've twice sent a rod to a fellow fisherman with no intention of a sale but just because I was able to do it. I have often bought things I would not normally have bought except someone help fast. I have never offered to lend someone money, be it kids or friends. I've given them money to help them out at the time and the only way to keep from getting angry is to consider it a gift, and if it does find it's way back that's a plus.

There was a time when I had to hook up with someone else to fish because I couldn't afford gas to fish and to get to work. I remember those times. I hope the person you have dealt with will step up and fulfill his end of the agreement. If not I would not "out" him on a bulletin board but might pm someone working on a deal with them. Just my .02...or is it .05, prices have gone up.