I was just thinking about 'Snipe'. I had seen him yesterday about 3:00pm and we talked about going fishing in the evening. He had some chores to attend to so he couldn't, but I did. Anyway, the thought just occured to me. What if we had gone fishing? What if we had and he had his stroke while we were on the river? How would I have gotten timely help? The answer is, I would have had to leave him and drive for a distance to find a phone, then drive back to his side. Minimum of 1/2 hour.

Revelation - A fully charged cell phone is among the most important pieces of a first aid kit as you should carry. In the event of an emergency, especially when you're by yourself or in an isolated location, your ability to communicate can be the difference between life and death! In fact, this afternoon I'm going to one of the cellular phone companies and getting one.

Now I'm not suggesting that cell phones should be ringing all along the river while people are fishing or that fishers need to conduct business or socialize by phone while astream. However, I am saying that a cell phone is as vital to the health, well-being and safety of fishers, hunters, hikers, etc. as any first aid kit and should be used in the context of first aid.

After this revelation I urge everyone to consider getting a cell phone to use as their own 'first aid life insurance communication' device. With any luck you'll never have to use it.

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Yes, companies and their signal coverage are not the same. Get the coverage you might anticipate. Regardless, wood isn't always available and smoke signals are difficult to translate. And for those who think cell phones should not be carried, I suggest you rethink your position.


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