I had the great fortune of watching Mr. Knowles fish a section of water on the Norfork (McClellan's Ace in the Hole) several years ago. I sat amazed on the bank as he caught fish after fish in what seemed like 2 feet of water. After landing a beautiful cutthroat he started making his way back to the bank. I casually introduced myself and he asked if I had caught any fish. Yes..was my reply. I was taking a break and eating a snack and was enjoying watching him fish. What did you catch them on? He asked. A Y2K bug I said. It's a new fly I picked up and they have been killing it. He laughed and said I created that fly. Mr. Knowles was kind enough to share several more as well as midges and emergers.

Later I ran into Mr. Knowles again in Helen GA while stopping in at Unicoi. After a grand chat and recollection of fishing memories again he gave me several new flies and asked me to try them. A true gentleman of our sport. A master on the water. Someone we could all learn a lesson or two from in generosity and sportsmanship.
Thank you Mr. Knowles for some of my greatest days on the water.

Best Regards,
Wade Blevins