Went Sat. 26 Jan. to Cassini's on the Russian River to ply the waters for
our ever elusive steelhead. Hardheads after steelheads.....hmmmm.....? Susan,
Ken, Alan, Ed B., and Pete the new guy, and self, met at Pat's in Guernville for
breakfast and assault tactics discussions.....previous and present.
Great day. We saw down-streamers and up-streamers. Fish caught and fish
lost. A couple fish were lost, one to gear and one to flies, directly next to
our brand new fly guy......boy is he STOKED! The several fish we saw caught were
caught by the guys in brown coats.....seals. Again they were in direct sight of
our new guy. These fish were in the 12#-18# range. Our new guy also had a fish
leap clear out of the water and he could have swatted it with his rod....another
8#-10# fish. The poor new guy went home absolutely blubbering to himself. Also,
the new guy decided the advantages of a pair of waders after standing to his
nipples in the river all day in a wet suit bottom and aquiring a nice shade of
blue. What a HOOT!
The weather was grand as was the company. The fishing was GREAT, as
always. Productivity was confined to lessons learned, with some gleaning more
than others, as is usually the case.

Susan feeding koi carp.

Guess all reports need a pic....even if we took none.

......lee s.