Dear Board,

I have to come clean and admit that I'm not what I seem to be.

I've been banned as Tim Murphy, Vocelli, and in the very near future, perhaps immediate future, I'll be banned as Avalon.

Back when I could be me I used to occasionally chat with "Snipe" about the things around and about Elmira. I liked to do it and I'm sure he liked it as well. We talked about favorite "watering holes," fishing holes, and stuff like that.

He had me by a couple of years but in our hearts we were kindred spirits.

Honestly, I've never met the man personally. We have chatted and e-mailed each other and that means something to me.

I really hope that things work out for old "Snipe" the man I never met. I promised him a plate of Hot Wings from Bernie Murray's a couple of years ago.

I owe the man at least that much.


Tim Murphy,
and Avalon.