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    Select a hackle feather the appropriate size for the throat and tie it in soft hackle style.

    Tie in a couple Krystal flash fibers along each side of the fly. Finish wrapping any loose fibers from the hackle down and trim.

    The fish skulls have full directions on the package for how to use them. I applied the eyes to the head with Zap a gap, then pushed the head over the hook eye (which is straight), back snug to and over the dubbing. Put a good size drop of Zap a gap at the back of the head on the materials to soak down through. Re attach thread just in front of the head and build a small dam of thread so the head cannot move forward, tie off and finish with another dab of glue. I used the Medium zap a gap. That is pretty much it. I apologize for photo quality. I also caught a couple good sized steelhead on the streamer and I have a feeling smallies will love it, but I primarily came up with it for brown trout. A friend and I tinkered around with a couple versions in his shop before I tied some to use. There may be other similar ties out there, but this is my version, alter it as you will. Good fishing!

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