I'm using Tenkara gear now, so thought I would share the images of a fly that I have adapted, which has been developed over a 10 year span of fishing my small home stream for 6 to 12 inch browns, rainbows and brookies. I tie these on a Daiichi 1260 hook mostly size 12 (very occasionally size 14 or 16) in three different colors; brown, olive and black. The beads are dubbed glass and along with the sparse tie ensure that the fly sinks well, but not to fast. The hackle is rabbit fur. I ran out of black rabbit for this shot so used another fur for that fly (not as good as rabbit). These are extremely effective for all styles of drift or retrieve and in most water types. Without a doubt the most effective single fly for my waters that I have ever used in 44 years of fly fishing, it was an easy choice for my one Tenkara fly. I think it would also work well nationwide.
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