This is about the mid point of my most frequent trout fishing float. The Hooch is flowing right to left. There are fish located at the 2 o'clock through the 8 o'clock positions. I know these because of fish caught and strikes missed. The area to the left of the rock outcropping is a large eddie pool that is fairly deep (10 ft. or better) with some down trees and other structure in the pool. In all the time I have fished here I have only caught one fish from the pool, I do not see fish rise there. I would think they would feed off hoppers from the field adjacent and other bugs from the trees and brush along the bank. In my mind there should be fish in the pool, maybe some large fish in the pool. What are you suggestions in dragging that hawg out of there?

The little current shown on the right, that's just enough to flip a float tube with about 230 lbs. sitting on it.