Just returned from there. Opportunities are somewhat marginal. I fished at a place called Tunnels, there is somewhat of a flats there. I think you might hookup there if you work at it. I did no good but the seas were so rough and the swell was so big that about every twenty minutes or so a set would come in and it was all you could do to keep your footing. The seas were rough the entire time I was there so I never tried again. I believe there is another large flat at Anini Beach that supposedly has bones. There are a couple of locals that guide on the island although I didn't contact them. Nigel Warrack 1-808-652-9038 and Rob Arita 1-808-828-1173. Both have web sites. If you could spend a few serious days on the water and have good conditions I'm sure there would be opportunities but I didn't have that luxury. It's definitely not a destination fishery.