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Ray, If you really want to try Tenkara without spending $200 it is easy. Get a $50 11' tenkara rod from fountainhead. http://tenkaraflyfish.webs.com/apps/webstore/ Pick your self up a spool of 17# fluorocarbon for $11 and give it a go. If not happy sell the rod on ebay.
That is what I did. There are several very dealers that offer Introductory outfits for around $100 or less. I bought mine "to try", I can see myself upgrading later if I like it. Also, my wife enjoys flyfishing but wants to stay very simple. Heading back to Wyoming in 2014 to camphost for the USFS, I can see her really getting into tenkara. Following the threads here and other sites, you can get involved with little capitol.