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    Default Swap Of The Month 2013

    I'm going to go ahead and start the sign-up for the Swap Of The Month for next year, so everyone has plenty of time to join that wants to. Whoever winds up being the Administrator can assign the hosts for each month.

    Here is how it works, in case you're new to the game. We have 12 spots, one for each month. Every swapper takes a turn a hosting for a month. They get to pick the theme, or patterns for that month. The deadline for receiving flies is usually by the end of the month. Everyone ties 12 flies of whatever pattern they have chosen from the swappers theme, and mails them to the host, with toe tags, return postage, etc.... The host then sorts the flies and mails them back, so you get back a fly box with 12 different flies in it each month. Neat, huh???

    We have swappers that live in Canada and Europe, so sometimes their flies may be a little late. We have a reputation for being patient, and almost always wait if someone has a problem. If getting flies a few days late sometimes, 'bugs' you (sorry, I couldn't resist...) really bad, then this may not be your cup of tea. I promise you, the flies have always been worth waiting for.

    Also, remember that you are signing up for the entire year, so if you can't commit to 12 months, then don't join.

    We'll close the sign-up around the first of Jan, 2013. This is your chance to get in on one of the most fun, and exclusive swaps on FAOL.

    Here is the roster:

    1. AlbaSurf
    2. Gigmaster
    3. Icemanxxxv
    4. gmac209
    5. billhouk
    6. sjo
    7. Rick Z
    8. Captain Mortis
    9. Bob 9
    10. Chris
    11. branhap
    12. roadhog

    Unless there are any objections, how about we just do the batting order the way the list is? That means AlbaSurf has it for Jan. Is that OK with everyone?
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