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    Default North Fork Special SBS

    Tim Wade of North Fork Anglers in Cody, WY, developed this nymph for the (what else) North Fork Shoshone River. A great dry fly stream but when the cutts and cuttbows aren't looking up, this is a real good bug; don't know if it's a stonefly nymph or general attractor, but it generally attracts fish in a river with stoneflies so maybe it's both (or neither). Love the crazy wing case stubs. Not to be confused with Kelly Glissmeyer's great South Fork Special

    hook - Dai Riki 135 #10
    underbody/weight - lead free wire .025
    thread - UTC 140 black
    tail - goose biots natural grey
    body - rabbit dubbing black
    rib - Ultrawire med red
    wing cases - biots black
    wings(?)/legs(?) - goose biots natural grey
    bead - silver 5/32

    Part 1

    mash barb, slide bead on shank

    wrap lead-free on shank and jam inside bead (locks bead in place, adds a bit more weight and builds up thorax)

    attach thread, smooth over lead-free, tie down wire, wrap back to hook bend; add a few more wraps at the back to create a little thread bump (helps splay tail)

    pull 2 biots and even tips

    tie in biots, abdomen length (actually looking back these may be a touch long) with wraps against thread bump and they should spread out

    trim biots and smooth underbody with thread

    apply some dubbing to thread

    apply some dubbing to body; try to make it a little thicker further along

    wrap wire forward, tie off, helicopter end and smooth over

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