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    Part 2 Filoplume Damsel

    The Filoplume Damsel was developed by Gene Armstrong who worked at Kaufmann's; apparently he was a big proponent of incorporating filoplumes into patterns, especially effective in stillwaters. A little more involved than the Marabou, but still pretty basic and a nice looking fly.

    hook - Tiemco 200R #10
    thread - Danville 6/0 olive
    tail/body - marabou
    rib - copper wire x-small
    thorax - filoplume/aftershaft
    legs - hackle badger
    head - peacock herl

    we'll pick up at the abdomen since everything else was the same on the Marabou up to this point; stop marabou wraps at the 60% mark

    tie in a badger saddle hackle tip-first

    prepare a filoplume/aftershaft (happened to have an olive-dyed pheasant skin; gave the feather a nice color)

    split thread, insert feather and spin bobbin to create feather "chenille" (just like Filoplume Mayfly)

    moisten fingers, stroke fibers back while wrapping forward

    tie off 2 hook eye widths back from eye, grab hackle

    palmer hackle through thorax, tie off and trim

    tie in peacock hackle

    wind herl and tying thread together (for re-enforcement), whip finish, break out Sally again and you're done

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