Kevin Proctor was a member of Beginner's Only a few years back, as of now Kevin and his family are on my prayer list. I know that Kevin Proctor is good hands, and GOD'S ANGELS are watching over Kevin and his family!

Few years back my wife was diagnosed with melanoma cancer, and with great surgeon, my wife had a complete recovery
Few years later my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer, the surgery was delayed a year because the cancer from her colon was also found in her liver. After a year of chemo, and concentrated radiation on the spot of cancer in her liver, the surgeons finally did the surgery on her colon. Shortly after the surgery on my wifes colon, she had to undergo surgery, as a abscess was discover where they had done the surgery on her colon.

It was a long hard road for my wife, and my family (two daughters and a grandson) as well as her sisters. But my wife has beaten cancer twice!

We will be celebrating our 32 Wedding Anniversary on December 27th this year.