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    Brandon sent me his Bushi Line and a Sempai type line to review. I was pleased he choose me to review his lines again. I really like his shorter 13.5' Furled lines I tested and talked to him about designing a Longer Line. I was surprised with the outcome of the longer lines. These lines are 27' in length. The first Line I tried was his Bushi Line. To begin, I inspected the line after removing it the package. Tight furls and light in the hand. Since I had to work I only had time to yard cast the line. I rigged the line up on my Nissin Pro Square 4510 with no tippet or fly. I gave it a try and really liked it but had to get used to slowing down the casting stroke. After ten or so minutes I tried it with the TUSA Amago. Same results as with the Nissin. I then inspected his Sempai line and just as please with this line but had to wait to try casting it.

    The weekend came and it was time for some fishing and testing. The weather took a turn for the worse and the wind was blowing and the temps drops but gave it a go. I started with the Bushi line. I rigged up with about 4 ft of 4# fluoro tippet and a size 12 hard body ant. Again it took a few minutes to slow down my casting stroke to get a halfway decent cast. I fished for a good 2 hrs and had called it quits. I went back out the next day for another round. The wind was still there but not that bad. After a few hours of casting the Bushi I finally tried the Sempai. What a big difference. This line was extremely easy to cast and felt like a rocket.

    I was very intrigued by the difference in lines. The Bushi needed a slower casting stroke and the Sempai did not need much of a change from my normal casting stroke. I figured the difference had to be in the mass of the lines. I took the lines to work to weigh these lines and the 24' Sempai line I bought from Chris Stewart of TenkaraBum. My findings are as follows. TB 24' Sempai line weighed 1.5 grams. Brandon's Bushi line was 1.62 grams and his Sempai line was 2.59 grams. With these findings I was still a little surprised to not be able to cast the Bushi line as easily as the others. I can only think that it is my casting that needs to be improved or the limpness of the Bushi. I was able to cast the Bushi at times but had a hard time getting the line, tippet and fly to lay out all the time. The Sempai line I had not trouble casting.

    I went back out this weekend to do more testing with both lines. I really wanted to fish a stream with these but have not had the chance to do so, and it was back to the ponds again. I wanted to try and see how easy these lines are to keep off the water. I have been able to keep but 5 ft off the water after cast but with out moving water the slack pulls most of the line down to the still water. I imagine that even with moving water you will not be able to keep all line off the water but I could be wrong. I am still new to tenkara with less than 1 year experience. I would call the Bushi line an expert line and the Sempai an all around line. I will continue to improve my casting skills and try using lighter lines. Hopefully one day I can cast half as good as Tenkara-no-Oni.

    Mike P.
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