shortcaster, If you have some time before the trip I would recommend getting a hold of the book "Steelhead Guide; Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead" by John Nagy. Heck if you want to send me a PM I will mail you my copy to read if you promise to return it and more importantly post pictures. First I will let you know, I am not the best steelheader around, but I have read a lot and know some folks that are real good fishermen. In the greater Cleveland area there are 4 main rivers that get about 100,000 fish stocked a year by the ODNR, the Conneaut closest to and partially in PA also gets stocked by the PDNR. The Rocky on the west side of Cleveland has a bunch of public access through the Cleveland Metroparks. The Rocky is the most urban of the 4. Heading about 35-40 minutes east is the Chagrin. Public access available through the Lakemetroparks and Cleveland Metroparks and a few other places along the way. In recent years 2 low head dams have been removed by mother nature that have increased the fishable water upstream. Another 20 minutes or more depending on how far from the lake you choose is the Grand River. Again lots of public access in the Lake Metroparks. The park system has several nice parks that are right on the river. Lastly a bit farther east is the previously mentioned Conneaut. ODNR stocks the Manistee (from Michigan) strain of fish which are primarily a spring run fish, however the fish don't seem to know that because folks are in the streams from late September til late April catching fish as long as there are rain events to keep the flows up and the rivers don't freeze over. If the flows on the rivers happen to be running too high at the time you are in the area the are some smaller tributaries that feed the rivers that are fishable much sooner than the main river. As far as lodging and food, since you are in the Greater Cleveland area it is well developed, your options are almost unlimited. Heck you could stay at a 4 star hotel in downtown Cleveland, go the Rock and Roll Hall of fame for few hours and be fishing on one of the streams a half hour later. I have not fished the Rocky or the Conneaut, but have caught steelhead and smallmouth (my preferred fish) on both the Chagrin and Grand. I would recommend checking out the Cleveland Metroparks and Lake Metroparks websites to see the areas where you can easily access. I stick to the local parks since the laws in Ohio are that the water is public, but the bank and streambed are owned by the property owner. Some folks don't mind but there are definitely posted areas as well.

I hope I helped a little. Keep us posted on your trip.