I want to thank those who gave me feedback. I did purchase the Linux Fedora for $5.00 with free shipping. I installed it yesterday afternoon and was amazed at how smooth it has gone so far. This thing has a very small footprint, doesn't have to be registered and I can give the disk to others to use. There are some things that are taking some getting used to like using firefox/google as a search engine instead of msn dot com. However I started out on PCs using DOS and this is a lot easier than that was. I've been using windows since 95 and there are expectations I have with Fedora that are taking a little time to adjust to. It's only been one day and I'm online and writing on FAOL. That's cool.
Chewydog, The reason I selected Fedora over other Linux operating systems was because it's basically a beginner version and said to be easier to navigate with more than some of the more sophisticated operating systems put out by Linux. If you have time, read the comparisons of IOS MS and Linux. Then look at all the different programs offered by linux and their prices compared to MS and IOS. It might surprise you. It did me. I'm beginning to like it. Also when I figure it out I can easily and cheaply upgrade to more sophisticated systems.
Nighthawk, I did purchase a windows 7 home premiun 64 bit that came with a memory stick. The memory stick is for a tower and will not plug in my laptop anywhere. The windows 7 will not install on my laptop because I don't have the RAM to support it. My bad on not reading the entire product description on ebay. Also no returns or refunds. I paid around $80. for it and might get that back on ebay if I'm lucky. Jim