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    Default 88 Streamer SBS

    Saw this on Hans' Danica site, tied by Alberto Jimeno; always thought it was a cool looking fly. Haven't fished one, but it looks like it might work.

    hook - Mustad 9671 #8
    thread - UTC 140 black
    abdomen - Ultra wire medium red
    thorax - floss green
    wing - mallard dyed wooduck
    hackle - grizzly

    Part 1

    mash barb and start thread at 60% mark

    tie in wire on top of hook and wrap back to point right above the barb

    wrap wire forward

    tie down, helicopter the wire 'till it breaks and wrap smooth

    tie in floss

    wrap forward, back and forward, trying to keep it smooth; it could definitely be smoother still, but I was tying this one in my basement on top of the washing machine (don't ask); tie off floss

    pull fibers off mallard feather, trying to keep tips even

    measure wing for for length (let it extend hook gap distance past the butt)

    and tie in

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